ALUMNI of the College

Samastipur College, Samastipur has fond remembrance of its old students who by their endeavors and diligence have contributed significantly to its journey towards excellence.The college solicits vital support from its alumni, in terms of impetus for further growth of your alma-mater. Your support will give us flexibility to expand and enhance our educational programme and will strengthen our unflinching determination to provide outstanding education to the next generation. "Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration and your initiatives will sustain the growth of the college through an epoch of enormous changes." It is a matter of pride for the college that its alumni are now holding senior administrative and executive positions in the public and private sectors.

ALUMNI of the College Name Profile
01 Sri Vinay Kumar IAS
02 Sri Shahid Parvez BASA
03 Dr. Supriya Mukharjee Eminent Cardiologist, Samastipur
04 Dr. Arvind Kumar Jha Dept. of Hindi, Samastipur College, Samastipur
05 Dr. H. R Ral Dept. of Psychology, Samastipur College,Samastipur
06 Dr. S. K. Shashi Dept. of Hindi, Samastipur College, Samastipur
07 Dr Moinuddin Ansari Dept. of Hindi, Samastipur College Samastipur
08 Dr. Salim Ashraf Dept. of Urdu, Samastipur College, Samastipur
09 Prof. Ram Naresh tdakur Dept of Economics, Samastipur College,Samastipur
10 Prof N. P Singh Dept. of Chemistry, Samastipur College,Samastipur
11 Prof Vijay Kumar Yadav Dept. of Economics, R.K. College, Madhubani
12 Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Advocate, Samastipur
13 Shri Satya Narayanam Advocate, Samastipur
14 Shri Kailash Roy Advocate, Samastipur
15 Shri Surendra Roy Writer, Samastipur
16 Shri Shankar Roy Advocate, Samastipur
17 Shri Arun Kumar Advocate, Samastipur
18 Shri Durgesh Roy President, JD (U) Samastipur
19 Shri Bhola Jha Writer, Samastipur
20 Shri Raja Ram Pd. Singh Head Master, High School, Samastipur
21 Shri Nawal Kishor Pandey Head Master, High School, Samastipur
22 Shri Birendra Pd. tdakur Officer,Railway,Varanasi Locomotive
23 Dr. Satyen Kumar Principal, Samastipur College
24 Dr. Uma Sinha Dept. of Zoology, Samastipur College,Samastipur
25 Dr. Nazim Hussain Dept. of Zoology, Samastipur College,Samastipur
26 Yogendra Poddar Secretary, Gandhi Smarak Committee,Samastipur
27 Dr. Birendra Kumar Choudhary Dept. of Sanskrit, Women's College, Samastipur
28 Dr. A.M.Jha Dept. of Botany, Samastipur College,Samastipur
29 Prof. Rameshwar Rai Yadav Dept. of History, Samastipur College,Samastipur
30 Sri Chandra ShekharSingh Sr. Advocate & Former Education Minister
31 Dr. Chiteshwar Pd. Singh Principal, K.VS Manipur
32 Principal, K.VS Manipur Colonel, Indian Army
33 Sri Dinesh Din Advocate, Samastipur
34 Sri Bishwnatd Mishra President, Secondary School Teachers Association
35 Sri Bharat Rai Regional Secretary, Non-Teaching Association
36 Prof Shid Ahmad A.PS.M. College, Madhubani
37 Sri Ram Deo Verma MLA Bibhutipur, Samastipur
38 Sri Ajay Kumar Distt. Secretary, CP
39 Sri Ram Briksh Singh Advocate, Patna High Court.
40 Dr. Baleshwar Rai Principal, B.R.B. College, Samastipur
41 Prof K. K. Singh Senator, L.N.M.U., Darbhanga
42 Sri Dinesh Kumar General Secretory, A.LA.W.U., Bihar
43 Prof Sita Sinha Former Minister
44 Prof. Prabhakar Singh Director Dept. of Energy, Govt. of USA
45 Dr. Surendra Kumar Singh Ex-Vice Chancellor, V.K.S. University
46 Dr. Bimal Kumar Singh Medical Supt. BCCL
47 Colonel Awdhesh Kumar Indian Army
48 Sri Kanhya Kumar M.D. India Construction Company, New Delhi
49 Prof Dharmveer Prasad Dept. of Chemistry, A.N. College, Patna
50 Dr Raj Natd tdakur Dept. of Geography, JP University
51 Shri Sachhida Nand Singh Eng. BIT Sindri
52 Md. Safer Haider Head Master, Dadhiya
53 Nitu Kumari Dept. of Pol. Science, LNMU
54 Raghuvir Kumar Ranjan Dept. of Pol. Science, Samastipur College,Samastipur